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Zergling attack speed nerfed? D:
Zergling attack speed was likely nerfed for two reasons: 1. Better pathing/movespeed means they are better at reaching the point of dealing damage. 2. Queens allow Larva to be produced more cheapl...
Patch 1.1.3 - November 9th
Thor GtG DPS=46.87 GtA DPS=8.00+8.00 vs. Light, splash that basically only works on stacked units I'm really tired of when a Thor enters a nice ripe Zerg base, they go LOL LETS SHOT OVALORDS, or f...
Raven-Banshee rush TvP
Happens all the time. People don't order their units aroun with 100% efficiency you know. Banshees can make for pretty good base defense, especially if you have SCVs on hand to repair them, and ...
just some roach thoughts
This reminds me of the good old days when Roaches cost only 1 Population, had 2 Defense, healed 10 HP/sec while surfaced, and 30 HP/second while buried.
Raven-Banshee rush TvP
I ignored them, because that was not my strategy, nor similar to it, which means I'd basically have to learn it from scratch. Timing production, timing attacks, unit micro, everything. Whereas th...

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