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Please help!!!
Just got my raidmax 630 watt power supply and a Palit GTS450 Graphics card. Installed them both and am having trouble with my video card. I plugged the power supply cable into the 6 pin slot on the...
Need quick video card help!
I was just at fry's electronics, I plan on purchasing a new video card and PSU tonight. Need some advice, this graphics card I found looks pretty nice for a good price. It's the Palit GTS450 1 GB S...
Uh these FORUMS
Is it just me or is there something going on with sc2 armory? A lot of threads won't even load and I have problems accessing the site. Every other website I regularly visit works fine. Also, why i...
How is this card?
EVGA GeForce GTS 250 I have trouble even navigating through the interface!! this one only costs $160 and I can get 20% off with my gamestop boost pack. I would need a 450 watt power supply b...
Help me buy new graphics card.
After playing one custom game 1v1 tonight on blistering sands, the poor quality of my graphics card despite my spectacular system specs caused my play to be choppy in every single way! The graphics...

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