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EDITED: HUGE unbalanced rebalancing
Flying units /thread
Theory On Gas Timing
As someone else said, I think that's actually quite late. Unless you're going for some sort of all-in, mostly zealot build, you won't have enough gas by the time the cyber is done to get out very m...
Trolling Protoss The Zerg Way.
I've seen this a few times, and I really don't understand how anyone could fail so hard for so long. Sure, that might earn you an extra like...5 seconds of free flying around in his base time, but ...
[Petition] Re-Add Shakuras Plateau
Lol'd. I enjoyed Shakuras as well. Did Blizzard ever give any explanation as to why they decided to remove that one particularly? Or does everyone just kind of assume they kind of went "meh we di...
4 Gate Unit Composition
You're right, and I totally understand that I need to be more flexible with my builds. I was actually a truly awful player not too long ago, and i was just winging it every game with no guidance wh...

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