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We Broke Nexus Wars

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This is a strategy that Texmix invented while trying to find unconventional ways to win custom maps. Along with gamfvr, we spent a few games trying to find ways to stack one lane while surviving in the other. While the experiments usually failed, Texmix eventually stumbled upon a very strong opening.

The biggest part of Nexus Wars is not what unit compositions people have, but rather who controls the lanes. While others have used walls to trap and build up units in the past, this is not like that. Instead, it allows the full team to constantly pump units, while they can change which lane they target.

Eventually, we had a four man crew of bRUSlee (Darkn3ss), Stebo, Omega, and myself. We were able to get the strategy down so well that we never had to use a nuke. Almost all of our games were over in less than ten minutes. With this kind of domination, it was impossible for us to resist trash talking the other team.

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Stebo affirmed his awesomeness in this vid
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Haha... Stebo, your a terrible taunter. That actually works very well. Unfortunately you need a team of 4. I should have been on for this...
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Genius Not that i like nexus wars too much, but that is a really brilliant strategy for it. I seriously don't know what they could do to beat that, except maybe do the same thing...
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I have insider information, turns out stebo has a small ?$#*@.
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An interesting and effective strategy. That's the problem with most custom games you can figure out a way to break them and at that point it really isn't that much fun to play (after a couple of easy wins). That's why I like to play custom games a few times when they are new but don't play them very seriously.

Good work on the strat though.
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stebo is a trolololol, he said he has a small *%@#?
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You guys are terrible.
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I am proud.
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Never really liked Nexus Wars, but that was pretty funny to watch. GG guys.
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I just had to laugh at Stebo's smack talk.
Sooooo bad, lol.
This space intentionally left blank.
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Jan 11th 2011, 02:39:56 Quote by arc1618
I just had to laugh at Stebo's smack talk.
Sooooo bad, lol.

^^ So true... this is pretty awesome though..
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truly amazing. and that was an impressive way to beat the crap out of another team. i feel like the troll song could have been playing in the background too, for added effect.
Good bye CrazyGitar, I will miss you

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Lol stebo is the worst battlenet troll around. He got banned from Debates ^_^